The Best Content Management System for your Static Site

You’ve read the tweets, you’ve watched the marketing videos, you’ve followed the tutorials. It’s official, JAMStack is the hottest web architecture of 2019. Bringing improvements in performance, scalability, security, and developer experience, it sounds like a no-brainer for your next project. Can this paradigm scale to the promised millions of users, while simultaneously delivering a… Continue reading

Deploy your JAMstack app to Netlify in one click from your smartphone

A few weeks ago, Nicolas and I launched, a JAMstack website powered by GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify. JAMstack applications deliver static websites to end-users with the benefit of high performance and CDN ease and still allow dynamism by sourcing content or data during build time. On for example, we collect the number of… Continue reading

Protect your git branches with Husky

tl:dr To add a pre-commit git hook with Husky: Install Husky with npm install husky –save-dev Set the pre-commit command in your package.json: “scripts”: { “precommit”: “npm test” }, What are git hooks? Git hooks are scripts launched when carrying out some git actions. The most common one is the pre-commit hook that runs when performing… Continue reading

Next.js: Use Server-Side Rendering in your React App // Part 1

Usually, we are completely running React.js on client-side: Javascript is interpreted by your browser. The initial html returned by the server contains a placeholder, e.g. <div id=”root”></div>, and then, once all your scripts are loaded, the entire UI is rendered in the browser. We call it client-side rendering. The problem is that, in the meantime, your… Continue reading